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How to Make Money Online 1. Participate in market research 2. Sell old phones or technology 3. Complete affiliate offers 4. Start investing 5. Earn cashback and rewards online 6. Sell your unused internet connection 7. Start a blog 8. Invest in real estate 9. Monetize your location data 10. Become a proofreader 11. Start a dropshipping business 12. Manage Facebook Ads for businesses 13. Work as a virtual assistant 14. Transcribe audio files 15. Bank hop 16. Complete micro tasks 17. Invest in fine art 18. Teach English as a second language 19. Host a digital course 20. Sell your unused gift cards 21. Buy and sell domain names 22. Become a private tutor 23. Get paid to test websites 24. Write for websites and business owners 25. Pick up freelance work 26. Flip Facebook Marketplace finds 27. Sell what you make on Etsy 28. Create YouTube content 29. Sell your gently-used clothing 30. Work as a matchmaker 31. Teach business owners how to use Asana 32. Create an app 33. Start a paid membership community 34. Sell your personal photos 35. Offer virtual interior design consults 36. Self-publish an eBook 37. Become a voice-over artist 38. Sell digital products 39. Sell your home-grown produce 40. Work for a call center 41. Apply to work as a data entry specialist 42. Design and sell T-shirts 43. Offer consulting services 44. Coach in your area of expertise 45. Start a new online business Real Ways to Make Money from Home Offline 46. Sign up for a food delivery service 47. Do bookkeeping for local businesses 48. Pet sit at your house 49. Rent out your space 50. Offer at-home daycare 51. Work as a mystery shopper 52. Sell your favorite recipes 53. Fix broken gadgets for neighbors 54. Let companies advertise on your phone 55. Teach fitness classes 56. Negotiate a remote work agreement with your current employer Make a Plan for Your Extra Money Ahead of Time
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Embarking on the journey to make money online can be as exciting as it is lucrative.

With the digital world at your fingertips, countless opportunities await to turn your skills, hobbies, or even your unused internet connection into a steady income stream.

Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent, a student, or just looking to supplement your income, this guide is your starting point. Get ready to explore over 50 legitimate and diverse ways to earn money online, all from the comfort of your home.

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How to Make Money Online

Most digital side hustles have a realistic income ceiling and expected time commitment. Choose the ones that best align with your lifestyle needs.

1. Participate in market research

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Online surveys won’t net you a hefty income, but you can earn a few dollars here and there. Many survey sites pay in gift cards, but some, like Branded Surveys, allow you to cash out your earnings via PayPal or direct deposit. By consistently taking surveys and earning points, you’ll become a Branded Elite member and qualify for additional bonus points and rewards.

We’ve ranked dozens of paid survey sites, many of which are scams purporting to represent legitimate entities, so be careful when handing out personal information to a brand you haven’t heard much about.

25 Legit Ways to Make Money Online - DollarSprout (2)

25 Legit Ways to Make Money Online - DollarSprout (3)

25 Legit Ways to Make Money Online - DollarSprout (4)

Over $900M paid outOver $80M paid outSurveys only
Multiple ways to earnMultiple ways to earnOver 20 million members
Avg. $0.50 – $5 per survey$15 min. to cash out$5 min. to cash out

$10 Sign-Up bonus

$5 Sign-Up bonus

$1.70 Sign-Up bonus

Other top rated survey sites

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2. Sell old phones or technology

I used to have a habit of holding on to all my old laptops and cell phones, even after I upgraded to a newer model. That changed when I discovered Decluttr and sites like it where you can sell your old electronics.

I recently got $24 for trading in an old Samsung Galaxy S7 that I had previously bought from the company. Decluttr gives you an instant quote and offers a highest-price guarantee. If you find a better deal on another site, send in your quote and they’ll match it, no questions asked.

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3. Complete affiliate offers

It’s no secret that companies will often pay big bucks to acquire new customers. Usually, they’ll pay it to a third party who then advertises on behalf of the target company. Now, you can intercept a portion of that kickback because these third parties will actually give you a portion of their affiliate earnings as a reward.

One such “get paid to” site is Freecash.com. The site offers 4,000+ ways users can earn kickbacks by completing a variety of tasks. Testing apps, playing games, signing up for free (or paid) offers, or taking quizzes are but a few of the many ways you can earn money online using their site.

According to their website:

  • 0h 17m 16s was the average time until a user made their first cashout.
  • $24.72 was the average figure earned by users yesterday.
  • $54,906,593 is the total figure they’ve paid out to date.

To boot, they have a daily bonus ladder, a daily leaderboard in which they give away $500 to top earners, a robust friend referral system, and a $1 bonus for signing up and creating an account.

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4. Start investing

If you struggle with saving but are greatat spending, there are a few cool ways to help you invest that leverage your inability to keep your wallet closed.

Apps like Acorns have a “Round-Up” feature that operates just like it sounds: it rounds up [to the nearest whole dollar] each purchase you make at the store, and sweeps it into an investment account.

For example, if you spend $56.34 on gas, they’ll round it up to $57.00 and place $0.64 into your investment account. It’s an easy, affordable way to start saving for retirement that just makes sense. You can read more about Acorns in our in-depth review.

5. Earn cashback and rewards online

Cashback apps and browser extensions help you save money on everything from groceries to books. You won’t earn a fortune, but if you do a good bit of online shopping, the savings can really add up.

For example, I’m able to automatically claw back an easy $10 to $20 each month with the free DollarSprout Rewards browser extension. It gets me cash back at my favorite stores like Overstock, Walgreens, and Walmart, and it also scours the web for promo codes and coupons for additional savings at checkout.

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Once you have the browser extension installed, DollarSprout Rewards lets you know if there’s a deal available for any one of 15,000+ different retailer websites. One simple click activates the cash back offer and there’s no “catch” for using it. If your earnings balance exceeds $5 at any point during a particular month, you’ll automatically receive a cash payout to PayPal the following month.

Just simple, completely free cash back in your pocket.

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6. Sell your unused internet connection

It sounds weird, but hear me out: companies like Honeygain will literally buy your bits of unused data and internet resources so they can power their Content Delivery services for the partner Fortune 500 companies they work with. Your computer becomes part of a larger “hive” of computers and internet connections that help power the network.

By installing the app on two devices and sharing about 5 GB per day, Honeygain estimates the average user will earn $45 per month in passive income.

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If you have an unlimited data mobile plan, cable, fiber, or DSL, odds are you’ll have some extra bandwidth to donate. Better yet, new users also get a free $3 gift when they register online. Check out their website to learn more.

7. Start a blog

25 Legit Ways to Make Money Online - DollarSprout (7)

Making money by starting a blog is more realistic than you may think. Bloggers make money by advertising for companies they’re affiliated with. When users click an affiliate link and make a purchase, the website owner earns a commission. There are other ways to make money blogging such as by displaying advertising, selling your own products, or writing sponsored content.

Blogging platforms such as Bluehostprovide a simple, affordable way to start your own digital business from home for less than the cost of a cup of coffee each month. (It’s the same way we built DollarSprout into a seven-figure brand.)

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8. Invest in real estate

In the past, the only way to get exposure to the real estate market was to plunk thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars into direct buy deals.

Then REITs came around and the burden was lightening, allowing more affluent Americans the opportunity to invest with just a few thousand dollars in today’s economic environment.

But with the advancement of technology and a little innovation, for as little as $10, the average Joe can now get started with real estate investing. This is because companies like Fundrise allow everyday investors the opportunity to buy fractional shares in large real estate projects.

25 Legit Ways to Make Money Online - DollarSprout (8)

If your appetite for risk doesn’t include buying and selling stocks, or you’d like to diversify your holdings further, a modest position in the real estate market may be up your alley.

9. Monetize your location data

25 Legit Ways to Make Money Online - DollarSprout (9)

Ever received one of those push notifications from Starbucks asking if you want a drink if you’re within a stone’s throw of a physical location? Recall apps on your phone asking for permission if they can use your location data?

Odds are you have over a dozen apps on your phone currently tracking every step you’ve ever made. Now it’s time to monetize it.

With Tapestri, users can earn up to $25 per month simply by turning on their location sharing.

Tapestri then partners with massive brands to help them gain insight into consumer behavior and shopping patterns. The location data is completely anonymous, and as we mentioned earlier, you’re already sharing it with a number of other apps — at least with Tapestri, you’ll get paid for it.

Pro tip: Tapestri has a super neat referral program that pays monthly passive cash for each person you refer to the app (that similarly consents to location sharing). For each month a referral keeps the app installed on their phone, you’ll receive $1.

10. Become a proofreader

Proofreaders help authors, bloggers, and even court reporters ensure that their content is grammatically correct and error-free. A proofreader’s role is to be an extra set of eyes after the author and editor have finished their job. They scour content for any errors that may have previously been missed. With a modest list of clients, a freelance proofreader can reasonably expect to earn several hundred to even several thousand dollars per month working in their spare time.

Tori Gellino, a DollarSprout reader and avid side hustler, earns an average of $1,200 per month moonlighting as a virtual proofreader. She recently shared her best tips for finding a stable of 5 to 10 reliable clients and the training she completed before bringing them on board.

Ready to start?Caitlin Pyle offers a free webinar and training course — Proofread Anywhere — for people interested in starting a freelance proofreading business from home.

25 Legit Ways to Make Money Online - DollarSprout (10)

11. Start a dropshipping business

Dropshipping businesses have become an extremely popular way to make money online over the last decade. Dropshippers source products from manufacturers, then sell the product through their online store. When a customer places an order, the item is shipped from the manufacturer directly to the customer’s home. You never have to store inventory or manage orders. Shopify, one of the most well-known eCommerce platforms online, offers a free 45-minute workshop on how to start and launch a dropshipping business.

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12. Manage Facebook Ads for businesses

One of the ways Facebook makes money is by allowing companies to advertise its products and services in users’ news feeds. Most small business owners don’t realize the value of running Facebook ads for their business. By learning to communicate the value of ads in reaching new clientele and building brand awareness, you can earn $1,000 to $2,000 per month for each client you book.

Start by reaching out to small business owners in your area or by taking an online course that teaches you how to manage ads on Facebook and start booking clients.

13. Work as a virtual assistant

A virtual assistant is an all-encompassing title for someone who offers online services for companies and small businesses. Services can range from graphic design, to blog management, to email marketing.

A good friend of mine started working as a virtual assistant once she had her first child. She makes $35 an hour offering copywriting and email management to local companies. Working as a freelancer will increase your hourly rate but comes with the downside of having to find your own work. Another option is to work with well-known virtual assistant companies that have a steady stream of clients, but at a lower hourly rate.

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14. Transcribe audio files

The most common transcription jobs fall into three categories: legal, medical, and general. Companies in the medical or legal realms may require that you have some knowledge or experience in the respective field. As a transcriptionist, you’ll listen to audio files and transcribe them into written content. Pay varies depending on the industry and your level of experience. If you’re interested in transcription, here’s a free workshop that includes more details about what it takes to work as a transcriptionist and how to get started.

15. Bank hop

“Bank hopping” is one of the more savvy ways to make money online, but it often requires a little bit of capital to work with. The gist of it is pretty simple: banks offer sizeable deposit bonuses if you open an account — often with a minimum deposit — and hold the money within the institution for a certain period of time, often around 90 days.

For example, Citi Bank is currently offering up to $2000 in bonuses for opening a new Citigold account and keeping your money there for just 60 days (then rinse and repeat at a new institution). A tiered bonus, you’ll earn $200 for deposits between $10,000 and $29,999, and $2000 if you deposit $300,000 or more.

Not everyone has that kind of cash on hand, but if you do, and it’s earning .06% at your traditional brick-and-mortar, this is an easy way to earn a sizeable chunk of free money.

16. Complete micro tasks

Micro tasks are one of the easiest ways to make money online. But micro jobs come with micro pay. You can earn a few dollars a month with Swagbucks by watching videos, playing games, and using the Swagbucks search engine. Other micro job sites pay users for reviewing content, verifying data, or testing apps and websites.

17. Invest in fine art

25 Legit Ways to Make Money Online - DollarSprout (11)

When people think of investing, they imagine the usual: stocks, bonds, real estate, etc. But you can also invest in physical items, such as fine art. Up until now, it wasn’t possible for most ordinary people to buy famous and original works of art from artists like Picasso, Monet, or Rembrandt.

Masterworks is a company that makes it possible to buy “shares” in a painting, just as you would buy shares of stock. It’s a good way to make money online if you know your art and don’t need the money right away.

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18. Teach English as a second language

Having been a VIPKid teacher myself, I can honestly say it’s a legit way to make money online. VIPKid hires native English speakers to teach English to children, most of whom are based in China. Your pay is based on your level of teaching experience and how well you do in the demo interview. When I worked for the company I had zero experience and regularly made $1,500 to $2,000 per month teaching part-time.

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19. Host a digital course

Digital courses are one of the top ways to make money online today. Outschool is a teacher-recruiting platform specifically designed to help online course creators monetize their knowledge. Its classes range from architecture to yoga to learning about Pokémon characters. According to the site, the average teacher earns $40 per hour, and you don’t need experience teaching to use Outschool.

20. Sell your unused gift cards

25 Legit Ways to Make Money Online - DollarSprout (12)

If you have gift cards lying around that you don’t want, you can sell them one of several popular gift card exchanges. When you enter your gift card on a site like Raise, they’ll give you a suggested selling point. You can change this to set the price at whatever you believe is fair. It’s free to list your gift card on Raise, but once it sells, the site will keep 15% of the selling price and you’ll receive the remaining 85%. For example, if you list a gift card with a $50 balance for sale at $45, Raise will keep $6.75 and you’ll receive $38.25.

21. Buy and sell domain names

Ever since I started my own website in 2016, I’ve purchased domain names whenever I think of one that could be worth something. Recently, I sold one of them on GoDaddy for $1,200 — a domain I originally purchased for $12. If you have a penchant for thinking of unique names for websites or businesses, domain flipping could potentially be a lucrative way to make money online. Here’s a great how-to guide by GoDaddy that shares tips for flipping an inexpensive domain for thousands.

22. Become a private tutor

With the variety of online tutoring sites available, you can earn money online by teaching anything you know. Some sites dictate the amount you can charge while others allow you to set your own rate. You can start booking clients by creating profiles on sites like Wyzant or Tutor.com. Depending on your subject area and whether you prefer to teach in person or online, you could also advertise on Craigslist or at local schools.

23. Get paid to test websites

Website testers give their opinions on a website’s design and user experience. This allows companies to make changes to their websites in order to provide a better experience for their users (and hopefully increase sales). With sites like UserTesting, you can earn $10 for every 15- to 20-minute test you complete. Tests involve recording your screen with feedback and answering follow-up questions. Check out other places you can get paid to test websites.

24. Write for websites and business owners

Writing is one of the fastest and most accessible ways to make money online. You don’t need perfect grammar skills or a padded portfolio to become a freelance writer. You can use personal blog posts, newsletters, or stories you’ve written in the past as samples of your work. Join the ProBlogger and Freelance Writing job boards to start pitching your services to clients.

25. Pick up freelance work

I’ve earned thousands in extra income over the last three years as a freelance writer, web developer, and, most recently, project manager. The fastest way to sell your services online is to offer what you already know. If your day job involves managing social media, or if you learned to edit podcasts from working on your own personal podcast, those are legitimate services you can offer to clients. Sites like Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer.com offer a network of professionals looking for freelancers with your skillset.

26. Flip Facebook Marketplace finds

I love following furniture-flipping accounts on Instagram, like Whitney Hansen’s Unsophisticated DIY. The main thing I’ve learned from these accounts: not all flips require significant work. If you can find good enough deals, you can purchase a piece, then turn around and sell it for profit within a week. Apart from furniture, keep an eye out for other flippable items you can sell like clothing with tags, antiques, and vintage collectible items like baseball cards or gaming systems. Professional flippers like Rob and Melissa of Flea Market Flipper — who make over $100,000 per year flipping yard sale hauls — have a flipping course that teaches people how to extract the most value out of high-margin items they find.

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27. Sell what you make on Etsy

Etsy, one of the more popular money-making websites in the world, is known for its variety of handmade and vintage items. Alternatively, users have seen success selling everything from handmade knitwear and upcycled jewelry to budget printables and home organization binders. Whatever your talent is, there’s a chance that you can sell your crafts digitally and earn some extra income.

28. Create YouTube content

YouTubers primarily earn money through ads, which average $0.01 to $0.03 per view, or $3 to $5 per 1000 video views. If you create consistent, engaging content and build a following, you can make money on YouTube with Google AdSense. It’s free to start a creator account, but you must meet YouTube’s minimum requirements before you can monetize your videos.

29. Sell your gently-used clothing

25 Legit Ways to Make Money Online - DollarSprout (13)

Another of the easiest ways to make money online is by selling things you no longer use. If your clothes are designer and in high demand, you may earn more by listing them individually on Poshmark or eBay. On the other hand, if your items aren’t in as high demand or you don’t want to deal with the hassle of selling them yourself, you can order a Clean Out Kit from thredUP. Pack the bag, and collect your earnings when they sell. For a local alternative, try Plato’s Closet or Buffalo. (From my experience, however, you won’t earn as much as selling your clothes online.)

30. Work as a matchmaker

25 Legit Ways to Make Money Online - DollarSprout (14)

Tawkify matches online love-seekers based on shared values, interests, and other dating preferences. As a matchmaker, you’ll work one-on-one with clients and line up their next date with handpicked matches based on these factors. You don’t need experience in the field to apply. According to its website, some of the qualities Tawkify looks for in matchmakers include empathy, intuition, and high EQ.

31. Teach business owners how to use Asana

Many small and large businesses alike have trouble organizing and managing projects and teams, which is where project management software like Asana can help. As an Asana consultant, you’ll help business owners set up their teams, streamline and optimize projects, and train them on Asana best practices. After your first year of consulting with businesses, you can apply to become an Asana Certified Pro. Certification comes with in-depth training, and you’ll be featured on Asana’s Certified Pros page to make it easier for clients in your area to find and work with you.

32. Create an app

You don’t need to be a software engineer or developer to create an app. If you have a great idea, find someone on Freelancer, Upwork, or Fiverr with the technical skills who can help you bring it to life. You can also use a platform like Build Fire or Appy Pie to create your app with no coding skills needed. Once your app is live, you can make money by displaying in-app advertisem*nts, offering a premium version, or selling your app to a larger company.

33. Start a paid membership community

I’m a member of several paid membership communities — some in life coaching and personal development and others related to online business. Membership sites can be a great way to share your knowledge, build a community, and create recurring revenue. A membership typically includes some form of core content, such as a course. The ones I’m a member of also release weekly or monthly content, including live coaching calls where members can volunteer to be coached in front of the community. For more information, check out this in-depth guide on how to create a paid membership site.

34. Sell your personal photos

If you enjoy taking pictures or have images on your camera roll that you’re not using, you can make money by selling them online. You only need a smartphone camera to get started. Some apps will pay you for your selfies while other sites, like Shutterstock and Adobe Stock, pay for stock photography they can sell to business owners. Learn more about how to get paid for your pictures.

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35. Offer virtual interior design consults

One of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow is Galey Alix. Galey documents her interior design projects — a business she started and runs on the side of her full-time finance job. Her successful business is proof that you don’t need a degree or experience to start a business or offer services in a new area.

Start by working with friends and family for free. Document your work online and on social media, and collect testimonials. Once you have some experience and a feel for your process, you can create service packages and sell them to new clients.

36. Self-publish an eBook

Self-publishing has become popular among new authors. If you already have a blog or personal website, you can use it to sell your book. The most common method seems to be self-publishing through Amazon with Kindle Direct Publishing. Once you’ve written and formatted your book, you can upload it directly to your Amazon KDP account. Learn more about how to publish and sell an eBook.

37. Become a voice-over artist

Voice-over artists provide their voice for professional audio work such as games, commercials, and cartoons. If you have a voice for radio, this could be an easy way to make money online. You can find voice-over work on freelance sites like Fiverr or niche sites such as Voices.com.

38. Sell digital products

If you don’t have the time or just don’t prefer to work with clients, selling digital products offers another way to make money online with your know-how. There are many types of digital products you can create and sell, such as planners, templates, or workbooks. You can drive people to your digital products through Pinterest, social media, or creating content such as blog posts that rank in search engine results.

39. Sell your home-grown produce

A friend of mine recently fulfilled a decades-long dream of owning chickens. According to his calculations, his 20 chickens should provide 15 or so eggs per day. When I asked what he planned to do with all the extras, he said, “Hadn’t thought of that. I guess I’ll sell them.” His new hobby became an unexpected side hustle. If you love to garden or grow your own produce, consider selling the excess to friends and family or on sites like Facebook Marketplace.

40. Work for a call center

A call center agent is one of the best online jobs for people who work in customer service. U-Haul, Apple, and American Express are a few companies that offer remote work in this field. This role can either be full-time or part-time depending on the company, and training is typically provided, which means no previous experience is required.

41. Apply to work as a data entry specialist

Data entry includes inputting hard-copy information into a spreadsheet or scanning documents into an online program. It doesn’t require a specialized degree and pays upwards of $13 per hour depending on your level of experience, which makes data entry an easy way to make money online or from home in your spare time. Sites like FlexJobs and Microworkers offer data entry jobs for all skill levels.

42. Design and sell T-shirts

If you’re creative or can come up with catchy sayings, you can make money online designing and selling your own T-shirts. Sites like Teespring, Bonfire, and Printify allow you to design and sell custom shirts without paying anything upfront or holding inventory. Similar to dropshipping, you create your own storefront that includes your personal designs. When a customer places an order, the site creates the product and ships it on your behalf. You’ll still need to promote your storefront to make money online with this idea, so it’s helpful to have an online following, whether it’s on Instagram, YouTube, or another social media platform.

43. Offer consulting services

Consulting has an inherently corporate connotation. However, anyone with deep knowledge in a particular subject area could make money as a virtual consultant. Unlike freelancers, a consultant’s work is less hands-on. Rather than doing the work yourself, you provide clients with the expertise that allows them to take informed action. If you’re an expert in search engine optimization, for example, you may consult with clients to create an SEO strategy, then teach their employees how to implement the changes.

44. Coach in your area of expertise

Where consultants provide a plan of execution for clients, coaches help clients create a plan for themselves. When I started my financial coaching business, I thought I would mostly tell people what to do with their money and then they would do it. However, I quickly realized that what my clients needed most was help overcoming limiting money beliefs and staying accountable to their own goals and plans. You can become a coach in any area from Instagram marketing to personal finances and business. Tools like Acuity and Zoom can help you book and meet with clients virtually.

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45. Start a new online business

Take notice of the things you hear others complain about or problems you face yourself. Is there a way to turn the solution into an online business? Or if you already offer an in-person service, is there a way you can take your in-person business online? For example, a massage therapist could host online classes teaching couples how to give each other a massage. A baker could host an online workshop about how to make their most popular recipes. There are thousands of online business ideas outside of the ones listed here.

Real Ways to Make Money from Home Offline

Not all work-from-home jobs are tied to an internet connection. The following guides and resources can help you learn more about these real ways to make money from home for free.

46. Sign up for a food delivery service

While this isn’t technically a way to make money from home, delivering food or packages is an easy way to earn extra income outside of a day job. Instacart shoppers typically earn between $10 and $20 per hour. As long as you have consistent access to a vehicle, you can make deliveries on your own time and start earning as soon as you’re approved. Shoppers also get comped memberships to Costco, BJs, and several other wholesale retailers (in addition to tons of free fuel points)!

25 Legit Ways to Make Money Online - DollarSprout (15)

25 Legit Ways to Make Money Online - DollarSprout (16)

25 Legit Ways to Make Money Online - DollarSprout (17)

Deliver groceriesDeliver takeout foodDeliver takeout food

Must have an insured car or
truck (no bikes, scooters, or


Must have an insured
vehicle (some areas allow
bikes and scooters)


Must have an insured car,
truck, motorcycle, scooter,
or bike in most cases


Paid a flat delivery fee +
additional fee per item
ordered + 100% of tips


Delivery fee + boosts + 100%
of tips


Delivery fee + boosts + 100%
of tips

1-2 weeks to get started1-2 weeks to get started1-2 weeks to get started

Note: Since average hourly earnings fluctuate based on factors including location and demand, we have not included rates. However, our research suggests average rates tend to fall between $10-$20 per hour.

Compare top-rated delivery services

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47. Do bookkeeping for local businesses

As a bookkeeper, you’ll be responsible for things like inputting company transactions, reconciling bank records, invoicing customers, and running financial reports. You don’t need a degree in finance or accounting to make money from home as a bookkeeper. However, you will need to know how to use Quickbooks or other popular accounting software, and you’ll need a basic understanding of accounting principles. Any bookkeeping classes or certifications you complete can justify a bump in your rates.

48. Pet sit at your house

I recently started pet sitting using the Rover app as a way to make money from home. The company allows you to set your own rates, schedule, and choose the services you offer. Since I work remotely, I chose in-house doggy daycare and set my rate at $33 per dog per day. Moose was my first client. For two days of having him over, I earned $52.80. (Rover takes a 20% cut.) I was pleased given that my dog did most of the work entertaining Moose and I got the reward. Other services you can offer on Rover include dog walking, boarding, in-house visits, and house sitting. Learn more about what it’s like to dog sit with Rover.

49. Rent out your space

If you have space in your house that you’re not using, renting it out is one of the best ways to make money from home. There are many ways to rent out your space. Websites like Neighbor.com and StoreAtMyHouse are built for storing items, while ShareMySpace and PeerSpace are geared toward events like meetings, photoshoots, and parties.

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50. Offer at-home daycare

At-home daycare offers a fun way to make money at home if you love working with children and have the time to dedicate to caring for several at once. Many parents prefer private daycares to public ones. If you have experience working with kids or a network of parents who trust you, this is one of the great side hustles for moms or dads who work remotely or stay home with their own kids during the day.

51. Work as a mystery shopper

Companies like Secret Shopper, BestMark, and IntelliShop pay workers to provide feedback on a company’s products or services. For example, you might be asked to visit a local electronics store, ask someone in the phone department-specific questions, and complete a survey about your experience. You can complete applications with mystery shopping companies to start booking gigs online or in your area.

52. Sell your favorite recipes

If friends and family rave over your cooking, even a single dish, you can capitalize on your talent to make money at home. That’s what Nikki Girard did. What began as trying to perfect her Haitian patty recipe turned into a part-time side business that brings in $2,000 per month. You can use social media and your personal network to sell your creations. Some states have Cottage Food laws on how much you can sell without requiring a license, so be sure to research this for your area.

53. Fix broken gadgets for neighbors

A few weeks ago my lawnmower broke down and I wasn’t sure where to take it. When I told my next-door neighbor, he offered to fix it for me. It turns out he has a side gig repairing broken lawn mowers for locals. If you have a similar skillset or general handyman knowledge, this may be an easy way to make money from home. Call around to neighbors who might use your services and mention your offering in conversations with friends and family. Word of mouth can be a powerful marketing tool, but apps like TaskRabbit and Amazon Home Services can also help spread the word.

54. Let companies advertise on your phone

Advertisem*nts allow companies a way to reach a new clientele. More brand exposure typically means more revenue, which means you can make money from home by allowing companies to use your belongings as a billboard. Sites like Wrapify and Carvertise pay to place ads on your car while Slidejoy and similar apps pay to rent ad space on your phone’s lock screen. Learn more about how to get paid to advertise for companies and brands.

55. Teach fitness classes

You can teach yoga and fitness classes in your garage gym, spare bedroom, or even your living room. This is an easy way to make money from home if you already have a teaching certification. If you don’t, ACE Fitness offers group fitness certification training starting at $350. Being certified isn’t a requirement, but it can give you a competitive edge in marketing your classes and help your clients feel more confident in your services.

56. Negotiate a remote work agreement with your current employer

If you have a job you love but want the flexibility of working remotely, consider bringing it up with your employer. Depending on your role, you may only be able to work out a part-time remote agreement that leaves you with some days in-office and others at home. Before you initiate the conversation, be prepared to communicate your reasoning and think of any questions or problems your boss may have ahead of time. Having solutions prepared will increase your odds of coming to a mutually beneficial agreement.

Make a Plan for Your Extra Money Ahead of Time

Making extra money online or from home is great. But if your reason for doing so is to get out of a tough financial predicament, you’ll end up in the same place if you don’t create a plan for your money before it comes in. Making a monthly budget or spending plan can help.

Write down your consistent income streams: full-time salary, child support, etc. — any income that stays the same from month to month. Then include your side hustle income as a separate item. Write in less than you think you can make so that you don’t end up going over budget if you make less. Once you have your income, decide how much to save, invest, put toward debt, and then what’s left over to spend until each dollar is accounted for.

They say you manage what you measure. If you’re going to use your spare time to make extra money online, tracking where that money goes will ensure the effort is worth the reward.

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