Wakemed My Shift Wizard (2024)

1. https://wakemed.myshiftwizard.com/ShiftWizard.aspx

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2. Healthcare staff scheduling software | ShiftWizard by HealthStream

  • ShiftWizard's staff scheduling software saves hospitals and healthcare facilities time and money while improving patient care.

Healthcare staff scheduling software | ShiftWizard by HealthStream

3. Remote Access Center - WakeMed

  • The vast majority of WakeMed employees and contractors can access databases, email and applications including Epic using Citrix. Login instructions.

  • Two-Factor Authentication Is Required For Remote Access All employees who remotely access WakeMed email or the WakeMed network are required to enroll in Duo Security. This two-factor authentication process enhances the security of your account and our network by using a secondary method to verify your identity, preventing unauthorized access to the WakeMed network even if a hacker knows your login and password. First-time users or WakeMed Employees with a new phone number, please contact the Information Services Service Desk.

4. ShiftWizard - Wakemed My Shift Wizard - Sur.ly

5. Nurse Scheduling Software | ShiftWizard - HealthStream

  • Meanwhile, this user-friendly scheduling app allows medical staff to compare shifts, request time off, or easily swap shifts. ... WakeMed Health & Hospitals. Why ...

  • Looking for a healthcare staff scheduling software that can empower your team and make life easier? Look no further than ShiftWizard. Our software is designed by professionals and trusted by thousands. Get started today!

6. ShiftWizard's History: Founded by Nurses, For Healthcare

  • Founded by nurses for healthcare. ShiftWizard workfoce management. Better way to manage staff scheduling created by the perspective of two nurses.

  • What would drive two nurses to make the leap to entrepreneurship? They wanted to create a workforce management software solution to address the scheduling challenges and frustrations they had directly experienced throughout their healthcare careers.

ShiftWizard's History: Founded by Nurses, For Healthcare

7. Access wakemed.myshiftwizard.com. ShiftWizard - Accessify

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  • Wakemed My Shift Wizard content, pages, accessibility, performance and more.

Access wakemed.myshiftwizard.com. ShiftWizard - Accessify

8. Wakemed.myshiftwizard.com - Easy Counter

  • We collected the majority of metadata history records for Wakemed.myshiftwizard.com. Wakemed My Shift Wizard has a poor description which rather negatively ...

  • Visit wakemed.myshiftwizard.com

9. For Employees - WakeMed

  • Employee Perspectives Survey Going on Now. The annual employee survey is your opportunity to share your opinions about what makes WakeMed a great place to work ...

  • Employee Perspectives Survey Going on Now

10. [PDF] Wake Way Behavior - WakeMed

  • Make safety my top priority. I will… Conduct my work with the highest ... Shift Wizard Highlights Overtime. That Special Touch. Trish Lisenby, RN ...

11. WakeMed: Home

  • With three hospitals, eight emergency departments, dedicated children's services, 80+ physician practices, and much more, we are the leading provider of health ...

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Wakemed My Shift Wizard (2024)
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