Chase Center Gate & Entrance Guide: Quick and Easy Tips to Know - The Stadiums Guide (2024)

Visiting the Chase Center can be an exciting experience, whether you’re there to watch a thrilling game or attend a captivating concert. To make your visit as smooth as possible, it’s helpful to know some vital information about the gates and entrances, ensuring that you arrive well-prepared and ready to enjoy your event.

The Chase Center has several entrance gates that cater to various purposes, such as accessibility and ticket types, which may leave some attendees feeling a bit confused. Worry not! In this article, I will walk you through what you need to know about these gates and entrances to help you navigate your way efficiently.

Understanding the layout and options can make a huge difference in your overall experience. With this guide, you’ll be better prepared to make the most of your time at the iconic Chase Center. So let’s dive in and explore everything you need to know about the Chase Center’s gates and entrances.

Table of Contents:

  • Overview
  • Gate Information
  • Ticket Essentials
  • Security Procedures
  • Venue Amenities
  • Special Tips and Hints
  • Conclusion


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Chase Center History

As a passionate fan of the Chase Center, I have witnessed how it has been more than just a venue, providing people with unforgettable memories since its inception. It was designed with the goal of being a beacon for the entire Bay Area community. The Chase Center is a multi-purpose complex with the capacity to seat 18,064 people, also boasting the largest scoreboard in the NBA.

Chase Center Location

It’s easy for me to remember that the Chase Center is located at 1 Warriors Way, San Francisco, CA 94158. Being situated in San Francisco, the venue is near three major airports:

  • San Francisco International Airport (SFO)
  • Oakland International Airport (OAK)
  • Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport (SJC)

Its location makes it convenient to access various transportation options, such as buses and trains. In terms of its surroundings, the Chase Center anchors 11 acres of restaurants, offices, hotels, and a waterfront esplanade – giving event-goers plenty of nearby options for entertainment and dining.

Gate Information

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Main Entrance

The Chase Center has a main entrance where most guests will enter the venue. As you approach the arena, you’ll find clear signs and friendly staff to guide you. Make sure you have your ticket handy, as it will be scanned upon entry. Remember that bag size restrictions apply, so it’s best to travel light or make sure your bag meets the requirements.

VIP Entrance

For guests attending an event with VIP tickets, the Chase Center offers a separate VIP entrance. This entrance typically has shorter lines and provides an expedited entry experience. When you arrive at the arena, simply follow the signs for the VIP entrance and have your VIP ticket ready for scanning. Note that the same bag restrictions apply to VIP guests as well.

Accessible Entrance

Chase Center is an inclusive venue and provides accessible entrances for guests with disabilities. These entrances are designed to accommodate wheelchairs, mobility devices, and offer easier access for everyone. Look for signs indicating the accessible entrance location, or ask a staff member for assistance if needed.

Remember, regardless of the entrance you use, be prepared to show your ticket, valid identification if purchasing alcohol, and adhere to any applicable bag restrictions. Enjoy your time at Chase Center!

Ticket Essentials

When I visited the Chase Center for the first time, I decided to learn a few essential ticket tips that made my experience smooth and memorable. Here are some ticket essentials that I’ve gathered which can be helpful to know when attending a game or event at the Chase Center.

First and foremost, it’s essential to have your ticket ready before heading to the entrance gates. I recommend purchasing your tickets online ahead of time, so you’re guaranteed a spot and can avoid the long lines at the box office. Occasionally, Golden State Warriors tickets may be available at the arena, but it’s better to secure them in advance.

Once you have your tickets, take note of the Chase Center entrances and portals to help guide you. There are multiple entrances, so knowing which one relates to your ticket will save time and make your entry smooth. The side of the arena closest to 3rd Street has a popular entrance to view. You can find more information about different entrance gates and portal locations by checking the Chase Center Entrance & Portal Guide.

I also discovered that if you’re attending an event with a service animal, you should be aware of the Chase Center’s policy. Service animals are allowed only if they fit on a lap or under the seat. If this isn’t possible, you should purchase tickets in the WCA (wheelchair accessible) rows. Be mindful that same-day ticket exchanges for accessible seating may be very limited or unavailable. For additional information, you can contact the Chase Center Guest Experience Team.

Lastly, don’t forget that riding Muni is free on event days with a ticket. To get to and from the venue easily, take advantage of this perk and save yourself the hassle of parking. It’s a convenient mode of transport and covers both arrival and departure from the Chase Center.

With these ticket essentials in mind, I hope you find your visit to the Chase Center both enjoyable and stress-free, just as I did.

Security Procedures

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When I head to Chase Center for a game or event, I know that my safety is a top priority. There are certain security protocols that everyone must follow to ensure the safety of all attendees. Let me share what I’ve come across regarding Chase Center’s security procedures.

First, upon entering the Chase Center, I must go through a metal detector, just like in most sports and entertainment venues. This helps to quickly identify any prohibited items or potential threats. Be prepared to remove items from your pockets and have bags checked thoroughly by security personnel.

Next, it’s important to comply with the clear-bag policy. Chase Center allows only clear plastic, vinyl, or PVC bags that are no larger than 12” x 6” x 12”. A one-gallon clear plastic freezer bag or a small clutch bag (4.5” x 6.5”) is also permitted. This clear-bag policy ensures that any items brought into the venue are easily visible and can be checked efficiently.

As I plan my visit to the Chase Center, it is crucial to familiarize myself with the list of prohibited items. These items can include, but are not limited to, weapons, fireworks, drones, aerosol cans, outside food and beverages, and noisemakers. Remember, the list might vary depending on the event, so checking the event website for specific details is always advised.

Lastly, I try to arrive early to allow ample time to go through security measures while ensuring a smooth entry into the venue. Patience and cooperation with security staff are essential in making the process efficient for everyone.

By following these security procedures, I can enjoy my time at Chase Center with the peace of mind that everyone’s safety is a priority.

Venue Amenities

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At the Chase Center, there’s a wide range of amenities available to make your visit enjoyable and comfortable.

Shopping Outlets

I have found that there are various shopping outlets to explore within the Chase Center. You can find official merchandise at the Warriors team store, as well as a range of other trendy boutiques and shops throughout the center. This makes it easy to grab some souvenirs or even do a little shopping while taking a break from the event.

Food And Beverages

I noticed that there’s no shortage of food and beverage options at the Chase Center. There are numerous concession stands all around the arena, offering a variety of meals, snacks, and drinks. You can find recognizable options like hot dogs, nachos, and popcorn, as well as unique dishes that are inspired by the local cuisine. Keep an eye out for some great food options to satisfy your hunger during your visit.


At the Chase Center, I found that restrooms are conveniently located throughout the venue. They are clean, well-maintained, and easily accessible from different seating areas. It’s always good to know that you won’t have any trouble finding a restroom when you need to take a break from the event.

Special Tips and Hints

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I have a few special tips and hints that I’d like to share with you to help you have a fantastic experience at the Chase Center:

  1. Arrive early: To avoid any last-minute hassles, I recommend arriving at least an hour before the event or game time. This way, you can find your way around, locate your seat, and grab a bite to eat before the event starts.
  2. Download the Chase Center app: Make the most of your visit by downloading the Chase Center app on your smartphone. It’ll help you stay informed about event schedules, find your way around the arena, and even order food and drinks from your seat.
  3. Choose your parking wisely: If you’re driving to the chase center, I suggest reserving your parking spot in advance. This can save you time and stress when you arrive. Alternatively, there are parking options near the arena that allow you to pay on-site.
  4. Be prepared for security checks: Just like any other big venue, there will be security protocols in place at the Chase Center. Ensure that you are carrying necessary items like your tickets, ID proof, and a minimal number of personal belongings to make the process smoother.
  5. Know the entrance points: Familiarize yourself with the different entrance gates and portals at the Chase Center. This will help you navigate your way into the arena with ease and avoid any confusion.

I hope these tips and hints make your visit to the Chase Center more enjoyable and memorable.


I hope this guide has provided you with all the necessary information about the gates and entrances at the Chase Center. As a friendly reminder, Chase Center is located at 1 Warriors Way, San Francisco, CA 94158, and hosts various events including the home games of the Golden State Warriors.

While attending events there, keep in mind that valid identification is necessary for purchasing alcohol, which is only sold to guests 21 years or older. Remember to plan your trip accordingly, as you may be arriving via San Francisco International Airport (SFO), Oakland International Airport (OAK), or Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport (SJC).

Make sure to familiarize yourself with the Chase Center entrances and portals, as they play an essential role in directing fans to their seats efficiently. This will ensure that you and those around you can enjoy the events with ease and comfort.

Lastly, don’t forget that the Chase Center offers more than just sports events. There is a wide variety of entertainment options, including great music and innovative food choices. So, take some time to explore and have a great experience at San Francisco’s innovative venue, the Chase Center!

Charmaine Cortes
Chase Center Gate & Entrance Guide: Quick and Easy Tips to Know - The Stadiums Guide (2024)
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