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With thousands of funeral homes listed on Ever Loved, it's easy to browse as many (or few) as you need.

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Why research local funeral homes?

Funeral homes are not one-size-fits-all, and especially when you're dealing with the pain of a loss, it's important to work with a funeral home that fits your needs and makes you feel comfortable.

Some funeral homes are better at services for a specific religion or culture. Some funeral homes will charge half as much for the same offering. Some funeral homes will simply make you feel more at home.

The best way to find the right funeral home for your loved one is to explore potential options and reach out to the ones that stand out.

Find a funeral home

How to find the right funeral home


Start with your location

Looking for funeral homes near your loved one? Find your state and city and browse funeral homes in the area. From there, start narrowing down your search.


Compare based on your preferences

Choosing a funeral home can be tough, but it's easier when you have every funeral home in one place, so that you can make comparisons without ever leaving the page.


Make an appointment, or let us help

Once you've found the right funeral home for you, simply call the number provided. Or, if you'd like additional support, we can help you with the funeral planning process.

Find a funeral home

Find and compare funeral homes for your loved one.

Find a funeral home

Browse funeral homes by state

Looking for funeral homes near you? Browse funeral homes starting with your state and city. Once you've narrowed down your search, compare funeral homes based on your preferences and choose the right one for your loved one. Still need help? Give us a call and we can help you with the planning process.

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Helpful funeral resources

We'll help you navigate a difficult time.

How to Plan a Funeral Planning a funeral can feel incredibly daunting. There are options to weigh, people to take i… The Pros and Cons of Burial vs. Cremation While burial used to be the most common method of disposition in the United States, cremation… 8 Ways to Save Money on a Funeral The average funeral costs about $9,000, which can be an enormous burden on a family that’s ju…

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Additional ways we can help

Ever Loved is more than just a funeral homes website.

Create a memorial website Set up a custom website for your loved one in minutes. Share what's important. Send funeral flowers Easily send flowers to any funeral event, or send an arrangement to the family. Share funeral details Publish funeral details, send invites and track RSVPs, so you know who's attending. Collect donations Easily raise funds to cover funeral expenses or another cause in someone's memory. Collect memories Bring everyone together around photos and stories of your loved one. Publish an obituary Easily share the story of someone's life. Publish it online for free. Plan the perfect funeral Easily build a custom funeral plan based on your unique values. Find a cemetery See local cemeteries and easily compare them side-by-side. Find a hospice Browse local hospice care options to find the best fit for you or a loved one.
Find the Best Funeral Home (2024)


Is $5000 enough for a funeral? ›

In California, the cost of a full funeral ranges from $2,770 to $10,000 or more depending on the style of service, materials used, transportation, and location of service.

Is $20,000 enough for a funeral? ›

There are different tiers of caskets, coffins, flowers, memorial stones, cemetery plots, and other miscellaneous services that can easily take a $7,000 funeral to $25,000 or more. You can expect the total cost of your funeral to range between $5,000 - $25,000, depending on the services your family chooses to go with.

What happens to the leftover money from a prepaid funeral? ›

If there is money left over after paying the funeral bill, the excess would be returned to the family.

How much does cremation cost compared to traditional burial? ›

The average traditional burial funeral service in California can run to $10,000 or more, whereas the average price for a cremation service is between $600 to $3,000. This means cremation services offer a more affordable and more flexible alternative to traditional funeral services.

What is the most expensive part of a funeral? ›

The most expensive part of a funeral is typically the basic services fee of a funeral home. The median cost of basic services fees is about $2,300. If you choose a traditional funeral and burial, your highest cost will likely be a metal casket. Metal caskets can cost around $2,500.

Which is cheaper, a coffin or a casket? ›

Since the design of the coffin is much more tapered, the materials being used are also minimal compared to a casket. The price of a casket can range from an average of $800 to over $20,000 while the price for coffins can average at around $400 and is usually lower than the cost of a casket.

Can I cancel my funeral plan and get my money back? ›

What if I change my mind, can I get a refund? Once you've bought your Prepaid Funeral Plan, you will have 30 days to change your mind. So whether you've paid a deposit or paid in full, your money will be refunded if you cancel with 30 days.

What does Dave Ramsey say about prepaid funerals? ›

That being said, I've got no problem with a business or industry making money. If they treat their customers well, no one's taken advantage of and a quality product or service is provided, it's all good. But when it comes to funerals, I tell people to preplan. Don't prepay.

What happens when you don't have money for a funeral? ›

You don't necessarily need to worry about what happens to your body if you can't afford a funeral. Signing a form at the county coroner can authorize the release of your body to the state or county for burial or cremation. It may be possible to pay a fee to recover your ashes if your family would like them.

Is it better to bury or cremate? ›

In a nutshell, choosing cremation gives families more flexibility to remember their loved one, their way – and it's usually cheaper. But while burials are more expensive overall, they tend to have less impact on the environment. What happens at a cremation?

What is the cheapest burial option? ›

Direct cremation is the least expensive way to bury your loves one. It is done respectfully, and gives your and your family time to find the most personal and affordable burial option.

What does the Bible say about cremation? ›

There is no explicit scriptural command against cremation. Some believers object to the practice of cremation on the basis that it does not recognize that one day God will resurrect our bodies and reunite them with our spirit (1 Corinthians 15:35-58; 1 Thessalonians 4:16).

What is the appropriate amount of money to give for a funeral? ›

What is an appropriate donation at a funeral? If you are giving a donation in lieu of flowers, then donate the amount you would have spent on flowers. Typically, this means $50 to $100. However, the amount is ultimately up to you because it is the thought that counts and not the amount you donate.

How much money is good for a funeral? ›

The average funeral costs between $7,000 and $12,000. The viewing, burial, service fees, transport, casket, embalming, and other prep are included in this price. The average cost of a funeral with cremation is $6,000 to $7,000. These costs do not include a cemetery, monument, marker, or other things like flowers.

What is the cheapest funeral cost? ›

Direct Cremation: This is the cheapest funeral there is, as with direct cremation; not only is there no service, but grave space is also unnecessary. Instead, the family may collect the ashes of their loved one and take them home.

How much money should you put in a funeral card? ›

It's important to consider how much you can afford and the need of the family. That said, there are a few guidelines to keep in mind. Start with the amount you would spend on funeral flowers, usually around $50. If you know the family has a high level of need, and you can afford it, give more.

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